Singapore and London

We recently had a bit of a whirlwind trip to London to attend a close friend’s wedding.  Because we were bringing the little bubs with us, we decided that we should spend a day in Singapore to start getting her adjusted to the time difference.

The trip was a lot of fun, although very busy.  We couldn’t take too much time off as it was in the middle of the school term for me, and hubby had a few best man duties to attend to, but we managed to cram in a little bit of sightseeing stuff and caught up with some of our friends and family, although regrettably, not all of them.  Shopping also proved to be a bit difficult, with the little one not being too keen on sitting in her pram for too long.  One thing we did manage to do was eat at a lot of good places though, as you always have to eat!

This isn’t everywhere we ate, as I didn’t always have an opportunity to take photos.  There are some great places we went to which don’t really get a mention in this post, such as Lussmanns restaurant in St Albans, and Best Mangal in West Kensington.


So where to start?  How about the amazing buffet dinner we had at 10 at Claymore in Singapore.  This restaurant was on the lobby level of the Pan Pacific Orchard Hotel.


Cold seafood spread: lobsters, prawns, scallops, king crab legs, mussels



One of my many plates of seafood



Baked salmon and roast pork belly



Cantonese herbal prawns



Fried chicken and potato gratin



Sashimi bar



Two types of oysters, shucked to order



1855 Angus steak cooked to order (USDA prime black Angus beef)



Dessert section



Dessert section



A la carte dishes for you to order (included in the buffet price and unlimited)



Char kuay teow ordered from their a la carte menu



More orders from their a la carte menu

This buffet was amazing.  I loved the seafood spread and the steak cooked to order (I also ate a fair bit of roast pork belly!).  There were a lot of hot dishes on offer as well (I only photographed some) and a good selection of desserts too.  There was also a crepe station and a chocolate fountain.

One thing which made this buffet a bit different from others I’ve been to (other than the lobsters on offer – you don’t get that in NZ!) was the tasting plates menu.  There were little a la carte dishes you could order which was included in your buffet.  You could order as many as you wanted.  We tried a few, but our favourite was definitely their char kuay teow.



There is a lot of good food in Singapore – even at the airport.


Food court in Singapore, made to look like hawker stalls




Pork and noodles for breakfast




Bak kut teh




Chocolate roti

We were spoilt for choice as they have a food court area which is set up to look like lots of hawker stalls.  Each stall specialises in something different, such as the man making rotis in the window to order.  Hubby’s bak kut teh was very tasty, as well as being more peppery than what I’m used to having.  We couldn’t resist having some chocolate roti for dessert either (even though it was breakfast time!)



After that, we were off to London.  Of course, we had to visit Borough Market.


Ethiopian food




Scotch eggs





Salt beef sandwich




Pig on a spit. Mmm… crackling…




Spit roast pork roll

We ate waaay more than we would normally, but there were so many things to try!  We had some typical English fare (scotch eggs and salt beef sandwich), but we also tried some Ethiopian food.  I couldn’t go past the pig on the spit either!  And despite how stuffed we were, we couldn’t resist taking some fudge with us as well.



One night, some friends took us to Ognisko in South Kensington.


Choucroute of golonka (ham hock), pork belly and Polish sausage with braised sauerkraut




Confit goose leg with braised red cabbage, apple and fig compote

We really enjoyed this meal, despite knowing very little about Polish food.  Hubby liked his porky main (it was pork in three different forms!) and I found my goose leg to be delicious.  The setting of the restaurant was quite fancy, but they seemed perfectly fine with the little one being a bit noisy and messy.



Of course, we had to check out Burger & Lobster as well.


Lobster roll



Grilled lobster

They don’t have a menu here – you either have a burger, or a lobster, or a lobster roll.  It all comes with chips and a salad.  Hubby and I shared half each of the lobster roll and lobster.  It was exactly as you would expect – fresh and yummy.



One of the food highlights for me was visiting Tom’s Kitchen in Chelsea.


The outside of the restaurant





Kids menu fish and chips with mushy peas




Chicken liver & foie gras parfait with pea mousse and brioche




Treacle marinated salmon with lemon puree, sea vegetables and pickled cucumber




Baked scallops with puff pastry, dill and sea herbs (and triple cooked truffle chips in the background)




Chicken schnitzel with courgettes, confit cherry tomatoes and pesto sauce

This is one of Michelin star chef Tom Aikens’ restaurants.  When looking for places to go, we decided to try this place for a few reasons.  Firstly, it was near to where we were staying.  Secondly, I’m a big fan of the TV show Great British Menu (which Tom Aikens has featured on in the last few years).  Lastly, it was family friendly, with a cute kids menu.  Our little one enjoyed her fish and chips a lot, as well as the strawberry Eton mess which was included.  I really liked my chicken liver parfait starter – the texture was impressively smooth.  It was huge too!  (Perhaps you’re meant to share it?)  I think it was bigger than my main, which was the baked scallops (also very delicious).  Hubby also loved his starter – the treacle marinated salmon.  His chicken schnitzel main was also yummy – crispy crunchy on the outside, yet still tender and juicy on the inside.  This place was really worth a visit – comfortable surroundings, delicious food and lovely staff.



We met up with some other friends at Sticky Fingers one night.


Buffalo wings




Baby back ribs with onion rings and slaw

We enjoyed the buffalo wings – really tasty, although not very spicy for our tastes (on the other hand, one of our friends found it very spicy!).  I also liked my wings and onion rings, but thought the slaw was quite average.  Everyone else also enjoyed their ribs and wings, but the nachos seemed to be a bit of a miss.



My sister and I headed out to Stratford Upon Avon, which wasn’t too far from where the boys were having their stag do.

Cream tea

Cream tea


After looking around and doing the touristy thing, we decided to refresh ourselves by doing the very English touristy thing of having a cream tea at the Henley Street Tea Rooms, opposite Shakespeare’s birthplace.  It was exactly what we were hoping for – warm, fresh and fluffy scones with clotted cream and strawberry jam, as well as a lovely pot of tea.  Bliss.



Our last night saw us head out with hubby’s sister and her family to Toro Gordo in Hammersmith.


Gambas Pil Pil (sautéed prawns with garlic, chilli, white wine & parsley) and Pulpo al Toro (sliced octopus on a bed of guacamole)

This was an enjoyable meal, where we tried lots of different dishes.  I particularly enjoyed their tuna tartare, octopus and grilled scallops.  Lots of great little dishes.



So our trip was over!  But we weren’t quite done with the eating.  At Heathrow, we dined at The Perfectionists’ Cafe, inspired by Heston Blumenthal’s In Search of Perfection TV series.


Fish and chips

Hubby’s fish and chips were quite excellent.  The fish was perfectly tender and flaky on the inside, and crispy yet light on the outside.  Funnily enough, that Heston guy seems to know what he’s talking about!  I had the bacon sandwich (in hindsight, I probably should have chosen something more exciting) which didn’t look like anything special, but contained some really delicious and high quality bacon.  I ended up walking away with a Heston Blumenthal at Home book tucked into our pram.  (I’ve just realised that that sounds like I stole it, but we did pay for it, I promise!)


So anyway, a lot of great eating and lots of good times.  We were definitely spoilt by people wanting to take us out and making sure we had delicious food to eat!


4 thoughts on “Singapore and London

  1. Thanks for sharing your overseas foodie experiences, Audrey,

    Great photos, looks so delicious – hope we can get to those places someday!

    Love, Gillian.

    • Hi Gillian, thanks for the lovely comment and for keeping up with the blog. I think you would really enjoy that buffet at 10 at Claymore if you ever find yourself in Singapore!

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