Truffled potato wrapped steak

Happy New Year everyone!  And I hope you all had a fabulous Christmas as well!

It’s been a busy time of year for us as family and friends from all over the world descended on Auckland for the holiday season and so we spent a lot of time catching up with everybody.  It has been a great time seeing people and also eating too much!

Surprisingly, I haven’t done too much cooking over this time as others have been hosting meals and we’ve been going out to eat at a lot of places (you can check out where I’ve been eating on Zomato).

So this week, as things are returning to normal(ish), we have started eating at home again.  I’ve been looking forward to it as my birthday was not too long before Christmas and so I was given lots of great gifts such as new cookbooks, cooking gadgets and ingredients.  So for New Year’s Eve, I decided to utilise some of these presents for a rather fancy version of steak and chips.

You will need a spiral slicer for this recipe – I’m not sure how else one could make potato noodles.  (Perhaps using a mandolin, a sharp knife and a lot of patience?)  Also, it’s best to use fillet steak for this recipe, as your steak will end up being close to well done in order for the potato to end up nice and crispy, and you don’t want to have tough meat.

To make this really fancy, use some truffle salt or truffle oil to finish.  However, if you don’t like truffles (I can’t even imagine this) or you don’t have any on hand, then normal salt, or any other flavoured salt, will do the trick!

I served our little steak bites with a beetroot, orange segment and baby spinach salad.  These would make a really great little hors d’oeuvre as well – just cut the steak into more bite sized pieces.


Truffled potato wrapped steak



Truffled potato wrapped steak



350g fillet steak, cut into thick strips

4-5 small potatoes or 2-3 large ones (I used Agria)

oil for shallow or deep frying (note that shallow frying will take longer so the steak will be more cooked)

truffle salt or truffle oil to finish



Using a spiral slicer, cut your potatoes into noodles.

Season your steak strips (you can use truffle salt here if you like).

Lay out a small bunch of noodles in a long strip and lay a piece of steak on one end.  Roll it up until you have a solid layer of potato wrapped around the steak.  Cut off any long noodles and place your wrapped steak with the loose ends tucked firmly in underneath.

Repeat until you have used up all of the steak.

Heat up your oil for frying.  Cook until the potato is golden brown and crispy.

Remove from the oil and place on paper towels to drain excess oil.  If using truffle salt, sprinkle over while the oil is still very hot.  If using truffle oil, drizzle on just before serving.


Truffled potato wrapped steak

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