1 year and 100 posts later…

Rice & Kai is a year old now!  Well, past one year actually.  I only noticed because hubby came back from work and told me that one of his colleagues (and our friend) suggested that to celebrate my blog turning one, I should do a post celebrating the top 10 most popular recipes and food ideas so far, and then he would attempt to make them all.  So I went to check when I actually first started this blog and realised that I had kind of missed the boat on that by a couple of days.

However, I realised that I was nearly up to 100 posts so figured that the top 10 idea would be great for my 100th post instead!

So, thanks for the idea Matt, and here’s the list – it definitely leans towards the sweet rather than the savoury.  (And you probably don’t want to make all of these – otherwise you’ll only be eating mostly baking for the next week or so.)  Click on the titles if you want to check out the post.


One year in, 100 posts later, and the top 10 most popular recipes and food ideas so far on Rice & Kai…


Number 10 – Allison’s dark chocolate mini cupcakes with peanut butter frosting

So the tenth most popular post I have is actually not one of my recipes, but comes from one of my sisters.  It’s nice to see one of the posts for The Domestic Gourmet series on the list!  If you’re looking for an easy but really moist and delicious chocolate cake recipe, make sure you try this out.


Allison's dark chocolate mini cupcakes with peanut butter frosting



Number 9 (sort of) – Steamboat night

This was one of my earliest posts. Coming from a family of seven, steamboat nights were not uncommon growing up.  We used to sit around bubbling pots of stock and cook up food until we were completely stuffed.  These nights were really fond memories for me.  Steamboats are a great idea for dinner parties too – and you don’t have to do all the cooking!

(Note: this post isn’t really number 9 – it’s actually 8th equal with the next post, but I like things to look neat and tidy.)


Steamboat in action



Number 8 – Fun with fondant

I came up with the idea for this post because I had been to a cupcake decorating class and introduced to how fun it was to use fondant.  Since the class, I had used it to decorate cupcakes for all sorts of occasions.  In this post, I show off some of the ways you can use it to make your cakes look cute!


SPCA fundraiser cupcakes



Number 7 – Kon low mee with char siu pork

I started this blog when I was pregnant and one thing I really wanted to eat was kon low mee with char siu pork.  However, you’re advised to not eat meat that’s been hanging about at room temperature for a while (amongst a whole host of other things you’re not supposed to eat) and so I had to make my own.  We grew up eating this dish and this is my mum’s recipe for kon low mee.


Kon low mee with char siu pork



Number 6 – Whittaker’s Peanut Butter Chocolate and Caramel Brownie

So this recipe comes from a cook book that every chocolate lover should have.  This is a slightly different take on a chocolate brownie as it includes peanut butter and caramel.  Not everyone will be able to get ahold of the Whittaker’s peanut butter chocolate (it’s a Kiwi brand), but I’m sure you could substitute any other peanut butter chocolate instead.


Whittaker's Peanut Butter Chocolate and Caramel Brownie



Number 5 – Angus beef short ribs with chimichurri

For this post, I had been invited to take part in a monthly blogging event called Our Growing Edge by Genie from Bunny. Eats. Design.  This was the first post I contributed (unfortunately I haven’t been terribly consistent in taking part, but plan to do another post for it soon!).  The event is all about learning and trying new things and this was my first (but not last) attempt to cook short ribs.


Angus beef short ribs with chimichurri



Number 4 – Bun thit nuong

I really enjoy Vietnamese food, and this was my attempt to make lemongrass pork on vermicelli noodles and salad.  It is such a tasty and fresh dish, and since posting, I have revisited this a few times.  You could also make this with chicken, beef or prawns.


Bun Thit Nuong



Number 3 – Kit Kat brownies

This post isn’t that old, so I was surprised to see it so far up on the list.  However, there are a lot of Kit Kat lovers out there and people like trying out variations of classics.  If you’re not a fan of Kit Kats, but do enjoy a good brownie, try out the recipe and omit the Kit Kats (or perhaps you could try a different type of chocolate bar?).


Kit Kat brownies



Number 2 – White chocolate and raspberry shortcake

The combination of sharp raspberries and sweet white chocolate is hard to beat, and this recipe combines them with a buttery, crumbly shortcake.  If you’re looking for a delicious afternoon tea treat, try this out.  All I can say is nomnomnom…


White chocolate and raspberry shortcake



And at number 1… Bill Granger’s chocolate chip cookies!

I shouldn’t be surprised that the top three recipes are all chocolate ones.  After all, whatever the problem is, I’ll bet that the solution is probably chocolate (unless it’s obesity – chocolate won’t solve that).  This is BY FAR the most popular post on my blog, with over 1800 views so far.  Everyone needs to have a good chocolate chip cookie recipe up their sleeve, so try this one out if you’re still on the lookout!


Bill Granger's chocolate chip cookies



Lastly, I just want to say a huge THANK YOU to everyone for supporting me and my blog.  It’s been a lot of fun taking you on my food adventures and I hope you’ve all managed to get a little something out of reading about them.

(Oh – and a big, big THANKS to the hubby for always being cheerfully willing to take photos for me, even if it means having to wait to eat.  And he doesn’t like to wait to eat.)



12 thoughts on “1 year and 100 posts later…

  1. Well done Audrey ! I’m amazed at the range of recipes you have presented. They are very much enjoyed by my family too. I loved the recipes using cardamom.

  2. Congrats on 1 year and 100 posts! I’ve really enjoyed following your blog and here’s to 100 more posts 🙂

    My husband is very patient when it comes to me taking photos, though if I’m cooking, I keep him out of my kitchen until I’ve finished photographing. If he doesn’t know dinner is ready, he’s less likely to be impatient.

    • Thank you! I’ve really enjoyed following your blog too.
      Good idea with the hubby – although mine takes the better photos and I’ve been lucky that he wants to make sure the shots look good before we eat! 😛

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