Delicious deliveries

One of the best ways to help out parents with new babies has always been to provide meals, especially during the first few crazy weeks.  But what if you don’t have any time to cook?

Hubby and I were very lucky to have lots of family supporting us during our first foray into parenthood.  We had people coming over to help and to bring us meals, which was a Godsend at a time when everything seemed like a fog of diapers and sleep deprivation (not that that has actually lifted yet!).

However, some of our family wanted to help, but were busy with their own young families or not actually living in the same city or country.  Introducing meal delivery services!



Delicious deliveries


Eat Unlimited

We were very blessed by having one family member purchase a whole lot of meals for us from Eat Unlimited.  Eat is a company which delivers an assortment of meals, desserts and soups for affordable prices.

We were given the 6 mains + 6 desserts or soups super deal ($77.00).  Everything arrived in a big chiller box.  All the mains were vacuum packed and the desserts/soups came in little pots.  We had items such as a roast pork meal, a steak and veg meal, apple and boysenberry pudding, pumpkin soup and mushroom soup.

Delicious deliveries

We found the mains and soups were simple and tasty.  We really liked the desserts we had chosen – my personal favourite was the baked plum pudding.

Baked plum pudding

Baked plum pudding

Eat is great for those who want uncomplicated and affordable meals.  They take hardly any time to heat up so you will be sitting down to eat quickly.   They have some great deals which you can check out here.




Delicious deliveries


Angel Delivery

A few other family members got together and gave us a voucher for Angel Delivery.  This was quite different from Eat as Angel Delivery provide much pricier yet  fancier meals.

After perusing their website, we decided to get the Family Meal Hamper.  It arrived in a chiller box (tied with a pretty red bow) the very next day after we had ordered.

Delicious deliveries

For $119.00 (+ $10.00 delivery), we received a chicken and vegetable pie, a salad, a ciabatta loaf, a 1L bottle of apple juice, an apple oat crumble and a small block of fudge.  I think I read on the website that this feeds 4 adults or a family of 5, but hubby and I found that all of this would easily feed 6 people.  We had it for two dinners plus leftovers for lunch.

The heating up took longer than the Eat meals as we were heating up a whole pie and if you wanted the pastry to not go soggy, the oven was the only way to go.  As well as that, the ciabatta needed to be finished in the oven too as it was par baked.  The same went for the apple crumble.

Delicious deliveries

The food was all very nice and we really enjoyed it (and were very, very full!).  It’s not cheap though, and takes more time to heat up and assemble.  However, the food is of a high quality.  You can check out their website here.





As a side note, I want to mention a fantastic organisation called Bellyful which helps out families with newborn babies and those struggling with illnesses.  Obviously we had a lot of family around to help and so we didn’t need this, but if you know someone who is a new mum or are one yourself, you can request for them to bring around some free meals.  The meals are cooked by volunteers and they help those that need emotional support (not necessarily financial).  If you want to find out more or help out by donating, you can click here.


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