Mama Loco

There are quite a few places in Auckland that do Mexican street food now – it’s been a growing trend over the last couple of years.  I’ve been to Mexico at Britomart a few times now and enjoyed it much more than the American-style Mexican food we used to only be able to get here (you know, those big piles of cheesy, sour-cream-laden mince and beans) , so I was keen to try Mama Loco which opened up at Sylvia Park a few months ago.

Mama Loco was pretty busy on a Friday night, with a steady stream of people going in and out, but we managed to get in without booking for an early-ish dinner.  The music is loud and the atmosphere is fun – some of the tables are a little close together (which is embarrassing when your big pregnant belly knocks the cutlery container on the table next door when you try to squeeze by!).  It’s not the place for a cosy, romantic night, but it is a great place for an upbeat vibe, tasty food and a few drinks.

We ordered a bit too much (as usual) and found ourselves completely stuffed!


Queso fundido

Queso fundido

We had the queso fundido ($14.50) which was something I’d never had – stretchy melted cheese with chorizo, warm tortillas, salsa and jalapenos.  Very tasty!


Chicken tostaditas

Chicken tostaditas

We also ordered the chicken achiote with avocado tostaditas ($10).  These are shredded chicken with a salad on top of corn chips.  Very fresh and delicious – one of my favourite dishes we tried.


Camarones tostadas

Camarones tostadas

We decided to try the camarones tostadas ($11.50).  These are prawn tacos with guacamole and salsa verde.  Again, something I’d never had before.  It was pretty creamy – I would have liked to have something a bit sharp with it.


De pollo quesadillas

De pollo quesadillas

The last thing we ordered was the de pollo quesadillas ($17.90).  These chicken and black bean quesadillas were really big!  We also thought they were a bit bland.  Initially we wanted to try the pulled pork ones, but they had run out.  I ended up putting on quite a bit of habanero sauce to liven it up a bit.

Overall, it was a fun dinner with tasty, fresh food.  Worth trying if you enjoy Mexican street food!


Mama Loca
No. 72 Sylvia Park, 286 Mt Wellington Highway, Auckland (there’s also one in Albany)
Phone: (09) 573 1442
Open: 7 days, 11am until late


7 thoughts on “Mama Loco

  1. They must be doing well cause there isn’t really anything decent to eat at Sylvia Park. The queso fundido sounds interesting! If you’re looking for some excellent tacos, check out the Lucky Taco Truck-they’re the best in town I reckon!

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