Bamboo Kitchen

My friend’s family has just opened a new takeaway in Mt Eden and we were lucky enough to be given a sneak preview of the food as test subjects before the grand opening.

The family were the previous owners of the iconic Diamond Takeaways on Great South Road, famous for its consistent and tasty food, so we knew we were in for a treat.

My husband and I are sometimes disappointed when we get Chinese takeaways as often places fill their food with the cheaper carbs like noodles or rice, but were pleasantly surprised by the generous amount of protein in each dish.  The portion sizes were huge as well – two dishes were enough for both of us for dinner, as well as leftovers for hubby’s lunch the next day (and we are big eaters).  It is also good to see that the menu offers half-size portions of their meals.

We ordered the steak hor fun which was full of juicy pieces of meat and slippery, savoury noodles.

Steak hor fun from Bamboo Kitchen

Steak hor fun from Bamboo Kitchen

We also ordered the Singapore fried noodles which had a nice, gentle curry heat and heaps of prawns and BBQ pork.

Singapore Fried Noodles from Bamboo Kitchen

Singapore Fried Noodles from Bamboo Kitchen

Overall, a tasty and filling meal.  I’m sure we will be going back soon!

Bamboo Kitchen

15 Mt Eden Road, Auckland

Open: Mon-Sat 11:30am-9pm, Sundays & Public Holidays 4pm-9pm



3 thoughts on “Bamboo Kitchen

  1. This is one thing I never understand about Singapore Fried Noodles in overseas. We don’t have it here or at least I have never come across. I’m thinking it could be Sin Chew (星洲) Beehoon but we do not colour it yellow nor add tumeric/curry powder. I had it once in Paris at a restaurant operated by Singaporeans and it’s also yellow. I wonder who started it, lol… 😀 Btw, I am a fan of Sin Chew Beehoon sans the curry/tumeric/yellow colouring.

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